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Dr. David and Family WELCOME first grandbaby
June 30, 2014

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Preaching is David Smith's passion.   I have used his material on several occasions and his insight to scripture has proven to be enlightening and challenging.  His sermons are Bible based and would be a valuable resource to your library.

Dr. Phil Hoskins

Senior Pastor

Higher Ground Baptist Church

Kingsport, Tennessee

It has been my privilege to know Dr. David Smith and his family for several years.   In fact, I am in his church every year, as well as revival meetings and conferences, and preached with him in other conferences and meetings.   That is why I am overjoyed to recommend to all of you the ministry of my dear brother.   His preaching is Biblical, his delivery is powerful, and his passion is evident.  For this reason I would advice Pastor's to use him in their churches, avail themselves of his material such as books, CD'S, etc. and expose them to your people.

Dr. Bill Stafford


     It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Dr. David Smith's ministry and resources to you. I have known Bro. David for six years and have known him to be nothing but a godly man in all he does. I've had him in revival services and our congregation was challenged and blessed by the ministry of this man of God. I recommend him to all pastors. He loves the word of God and faithfully preaches God's word and honors God's Son. He loves the Lord Jesus and has a great love for the lost and he serves his Lord in bringing lost people to the Lord and God's people into a deeper walk with the Lord. You will be blessed by Bro. David's books, outlines, and sermons on CD's. I have been challenged, stretched, strengthened, encouraged, and uplifted by the writing and preaching ministry of Dr. David Smith. Be blessed as you feast on God's word through God's servant for God's glory in Jesus' name.

Dr. Jack Andrews

First Baptist Church

Newberry, Florida

There are few preachers who have the unusual ability to outline and alliterate a sermon with the clarity and simplicity of Dr. David Smith.   Often, when I am struggling with a point or an outline, I ask David for help and he always gives me just the right word or phrase.   David is a God ordained Holy Spirit anointed pastor.   You will do well to avail yourself of his materials.   You will be blessed by these outlines and materials.  Those who hear you preach will be blessed.   It is with great honor to recommend the ministry and materials of my dear friend.   It is my prayer that you will find "Spiritual Truths hung on alphabetical pegs".

Pastor Jim Bernard

First Baptist Church

Bridgeport, Alabama

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